alice - 2006-09-22 11:46:22
I'm... floored. I knew that getting services meant a lot of bureaucratic bullshit, but I honestly had no idea that a person could be denied even the act of asking for assistance. It's insane. ...Lets put a slightly different spin on your situation though, given this most recent experience with social services. You are a writer, an extremely talented writer, an undercover journalist looking at the ugly underbelly of poverty in the third richest country on the planet. There's a story here. Sure, it's been addressed before, but not from your perspective. This is, at least, a marketable article and perhaps much more... It might be time for you to make, and enjoy, some lemonade.
suenos - 2006-09-30 18:02:47
You are going to find that you are stronger than you have ever imagined. Just wait and see. Just survive.

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