Melissa - 2006-09-07 16:34:01
It's worth it. It may be too soon. Because you had the true heart and not the cheating heart, it may be too soon for you. Without meaning to sound corny. There are one hundred to one thousand disasters in everyone's past. It's not you. There really are that many losers walking around out there. They stick to the newly vulnerable like flypaper. (Not that that means you're the fly. Though, I imagine, flies have great lives.) On the other note, I am so excited your have a GRAND PLAN! A collaboration! That is so edgy and wondrous. Do inform.
buzzgirl - 2006-09-11 14:27:29
You want to talk about a failed romantic history? I can commiserate. I don't know if I'll ever get over my fear of being alone, which means that I know I'll continue settling for the absolute worst men - anyone who will have me. It's my lot in life, I suppose. Good luck on the new project!

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