alice - 2006-09-06 22:26:28
I remember how much *Kath* hated it when the girls first started to go stay with their dad. And how he *couldn't* take them for the full time his custody granted him in the summer because he "NEEDED to have HIS vacation". Do men REALLY think that *convenience* plays any role at all in *parenting*. You and Duff need to plan the kids' schedule and then stick with it. You should know if you'll have them at home or if you will have a night without them. Then you need to dig out the list of ten zillion things you've wished for responsibility-free time to accomplish and consider those nights an opportunity instead of a punishment. I hope I don't sound preachy because I know that I'd strap the Hagaan Daas carton on like a feedbag if I were in your situation.... but I guess I also know that I'd need someone to help me out of self-destruct mode. And, on the up side, at least when he has the kids you know he isn't off rolling around with the homewrecker. I really do wish I could fix this for you... xo

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