Melissa - 2006-09-05 20:47:00
I cried when I heard about Steve Irwin, and I thought about Att and how he doesn't know (is/was the Crocodile Hunter any more alive than Elmo? not to a three-year-old). Then I hung out in the massive MetaFilter thread devoted to him for about a day. And as a result read a couple of interviews and profiles of the croc god himself and his wife. And let me tell you, when they weren't talking about animals, love of, they were talking about sex, love of. And love of one another. It was sort of endearingly inappropriate, the suggestiveness and the talk of the importance of extended foreplay throughout the animal kingdom, heh heh heh, embarassing the interviewer in each case. It sort of makes me very happy and sad for her - that they had this great life together, that now it's over.

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